Molly Pitcher Stitchers

Chapter Policies and Procedures

Policy Statement of the Molly Pitchers Stitchers Chapter Embroiderers’ Guild of America

March 1989 and as revised through 2015


The Molly Pitcher Stitchers Chapter (hereafter referred to as MPS) of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America, has set forth in this Statement of Policy the duties of all officers and committee chairs (both board and support levels), and includes general and fiscal policies. Revisions, deletions, and amendments will be the function of the MPS Board.

The MPS Board consists of all elected officers, the past president, appointed officers, and the chairmen of the following committees: outreach, education, membership, newsletter, program, publicity, ways and means, and web master. (Revised 8/95, 5/98, 4/14)

The following committees are considered support-level committees: advertising, historian, hospitality, library, welcome table, and any deemed necessary by the board. The chairmen of these committees are not required to attend scheduled board meetings, but may be requested to attend. Board meetings are open to the general membership with a courtesy telephone call to the president. (Revised 3/91, 5/98, 3/07)


I. Duties of Elected Officers






F. Past President – (a non-voting member of the Board)


II. Elections

A. Nominating Committee – The nominating committee shall consist of three members, one of whom is the membership chair. The board will elect all committee members, including the committee chairman.  The committee will be elected annually at the first board meeting of the new year. The committee will report to the board in March, and present a slate to the membership at the April membership meeting. Voting by the membership will take place in May and installation of new officers will be at the June picnic.  (Adopted 4/95, Revised 3/07, 4/09, 4/14)

B. Elections – In odd-numbered years, the president, vice-president, and the regional representative shall be elected. In even-numbered years, the secretary and treasurer shall be elected. (Revised 4/09)

        1. A majority vote of members present shall constitute election of officers.

        2. A member shall have only one vote per ballot in an election.


III. Duties of Board-Level Committee Chairmen









IV. Duties of Support-Level Committee Chairmen






V. General Policies

A. Guests may attend two (2) meetings before declaring membership.

B. All reserved kits (for programs, workshops or classes), both paid and unpaid, will become MPS property if unclaimed after three (3) months from the date the kit was to be used. (Revised 11/6/89)

C. The chapter newsletter, Get the Pitcher?, will be published twelve (12)    times a year. Alternating issues (Get the Pitcher Half-full?) will only contain essential information and no advertising information.  These issues will generally be only four (4) pages and printed by the editor.     (Revised 1/93, 1/98, 3/07, 4/14)

D. In the event of snow, if the Carlisle School district is closed or dismissed early the Molly Pitcher Stitchers meeting will be canceled. (Adopted 3/2/92, revised 5/98)

E. Board is responsible for paper products and beverages for the Christmas party and the annual picnic. (Adopted 6/1/98)

F. Appreciation giftsfor chapter service areat the discretion of officer or committee chair and at the giver’s expense. (Adopted 6/1/98, Revised 3/07)

G. Members of the Molly Pitcher Stitchers may place an advertisement offering skills or materials for personal gain for one issue at a cost of $10. The ad must be submitted to the board for approval prior to publication. (Adopted 8/31/98)


VI. Fiscal Policies


A. The chapter will reimburse expenses to the region rep at the current IRS non-profit organizationrate per mile plus tolls, parking fees, and up to a maximum one-half the actual room rate for one night’s lodging per meeting to the regional representativeThe same fee will apply for any chapter member conducting chapter or regional business at region meetings in lieu of the regional representative, (Revised 3/96, 3/07, 4/14)

B. Chapter dues are collected to coincide with national dues collection. Plural dues are equal to chapter dues minus national dues and must include region dues if primary membership is not within the Mid-Atlantic Region. (Adopted 11/10/86, revised 5/98)

C. Newsletter. All unpaid advertising will be dropped after two (2) issues. Ads run for six (6) issues. (Adopted 6/12/89, revised 4/91, 3/07)

D. Members signing up for correspondence courses must pay in full when signing-up. Also members who cancel must find their own replacement if there is no waiting list from which to draw. (Adopted 10/2/89)

E. Honorarium. The MPS will give a guest speaker $50 plus expenses, which will be based on the rate for mileage as determined by the Mid-Atlantic Region, plus tolls. Should a speaker request a specific higher amount the chapter should be prepared to accept the higher quote.  (Revised 3/07, 4/14)

F. Anyone desiring to participate in a program must pay in full for the kit at the time of sign-up. (Revised 5/90)

G. Outreach program will have a working budget of $125. (Adopted 8/93, revised 3/07)

H. Compensation may be made to the facilities where our meetings are held, either by fee or donation. (Revised 4/02)